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Ester Quintana Matheson


Ester grew up in the Las Cruces, NMex area and has lived in Boulder since January 1970. Her then husband was at NCAR and Ester was a homemaker. She has a son who graduated from Boulder High and currently lives in Portland, OR with his wife and his 2 grandchildren.

With time on her hands, she began volunteering and never stopped. Eventually, she returned to school and earned a business degree from CU. She has been on several boards throughout the community. Her passion was and remains education, which led her to co-found BCLL in 1999. Her now husband, Bob, 30, has been just as passionate about the League as she still is.

“I believe in Pay it Forward. I received a lot of support and encouragement from friends and family as I inched toward my business degree. I am delighted to see that some of our fellows and graduates are also beginning to pay it forward by volunteering in various ways to help students who follow in their footsteps. “A dream come true.”

Ester Quintana Matheson
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