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Gabriela Lopez

BVSD Liaison

I am a first-generation student born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelors's in Social Work in 2021 and a Master's in Social Work in 2022. My parents were forced to drop out of school at age 12 to provide for their families. As they transitioned into adulthood, they made their way to the United States, aiming for a better quality of life. Growing up, college was portrayed as a necessity but priced as a luxury, which seemed impossible for me to achieve. Thanks to scholarships like Boulder County Latina League, I was able to fulfill my dreams of working with families and education without having to face a financial burden.

I am a current advocate for Latino families within the education system and an active participant in my community. I strive to provide an equitable education to diverse students while providing support to families with similar backgrounds. I currently work in Boulder Valley School District as an Early Childhood Community Liaison. I plan on staying in BVSD and exploring various outlets in education.

Gabriela Lopez
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