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Midge Korczak

University Liaison and Fundraising Committee

Midge Korczak arrived at the University of Colorado in 1963. Although she spent considerable time in Greece and Israel after graduating, Colorado always called to her. In 1977, she and her husband returned to Boulder with her two children and established a home.

Midge retired as Executive Director of the Boulder County Bar Association in 1995 and shortly thereafter she adopted a class of Dreamers in the I Have a 'Dream program. Working with young Latino students for 10 years gave Midge the enthusiasm to continue supporting the education of young Latinos. As such, she joined the Latino League of Boulder County in 2005 to promote and expand access to higher education for the Latino community.

Midge also supports Latina students at the University of Colorado and Front Range Community College.

Midge Korczak
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