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Leticia A. de Lozano

Board Co-Chair and Chair of the Scholarship Committee

Originally from Mexico City, Dr. Leticia A. de Lozano earned her teaching degree in Mexico and her Master's and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Colorado.

Over the years, Leticia's success as a teacher has been recognized regionally, nationally, and internationally. He has received numerous awards, such as the Milken Family Education Award, the Ohtli Award, the highest award given internationally by the Government of Mexico, “The Best Should Teach” from the University of Colorado, Brand Name in Education, Amgen Award for Excellence in Teaching, Jared Polis Foundation Teacher Recognition, Impact in Education and honored as a US Presidential Scholar's Favorite Teacher.

For 27 years, Ella Leticia taught Boulder High School's advanced Spanish courses. Under her leadership, the Advanced Spanish Program grew from a handful of students to more than 150 students. One of Leticia's most significant accomplishments was including first-generation Hispanics in these college credit classes, resulting in a diverse classroom environment that fostered the success of all students, regardless of their socioeconomic background. She founded the Adelante! program. to address the educational and social challenges of high-risk Hispanic students, such as poverty, immigration status, and language development. Although she is retired, her legacy continues as the program continues to exist and thrive. More than 95% Ahead! Program participants graduate annually and almost all continue their post-secondary education.

Leticia says her most significant reward is seeing her students finish high school and even better obtain their college degrees.

Leticia A. de Lozano
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