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Who are Boulder County Latina League Scholars?


Luis Hernandez



Ambitious, Hardworking, Brilliant,

Proud Latina/o community members!


At the age of fifteen, not speaking English, my family and I moved to Boulder to pursue a better life. My family was struggling financially, and my mom had just passed away; higher education was inaccessible to me. The BCLL scholarship changed my life. It helped me to pursue higher education, achieve my dreams, and attain financial stability.


I graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with the highest academic honors in Digital Design. I now work in financial technology in a bilingual technical support role. This fall, I will be pursuing a Master of Science in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Michigan on a full scholarship.


My professional goals include becoming a UX designer and researcher, instructor, and giving back to the community by mentoring underrepresented students in careers in design, arts, and technology. 


The impact of a scholarship for a low-income scholar is unmeasurable.  

Gabriela Lopez

Master in Social Work
BVSD Early Childhood Community Liaison 

My name is Gabriela Lopez and I am a first-generation student born and raised in Boulder, Colorado. I graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelors's in Social Work in 2021 and a Master's in Social Work in 2022. My parents were forced to drop out of school at age 12 to provide for their families. As they transitioned into adulthood, they made their way to the United States, aiming for a better quality of life. Growing up, college was portrayed as a necessity but priced as a luxury, which seemed impossible for me to achieve. Thanks to scholarships like Boulder County Latina League, I was able to fulfill my dreams of working with families and education without having to face a financial burden. 

I am  a current advocate for Latino families within the education system and an active participant in my community. I strive to provide an equitable education to diverse students while providing support to families with similar backgrounds. I currently work in Boulder Valley School District as an Early Childhood Community Liaison. I plan on staying in BVSD and exploring various outlets in education.

Penelope Sanchez by Claudia Fernandez

Photo: Penelope Sanches (Penny) Family: Rodolfo Fraire (Dad), Alfonso Fraire (Brother), Penny Sanches , Blanca Fraire Sanches (Mom), Alexander Fraire (Brother), Marycruz Fraire (Sister).

Penelope Sanches (Penny) is a Boulder County Latina League scholarship recipient. Blanca Fraire Sanches (Penny’s mom) came to the United States in 1998 with a message that has been an inspiration for her and Penny “If you want to give your daughter a gift, give her the privilege of being born in the United States”. Because Penny was born in the United States, she does not have to suffer the trials and tribulations of many of her DACA friends. 

Penny says she is very thankful to the Latina League for granting scholarships to all students, whether born or not in this country. “I decided to go to the University of Colorado for my parents who have always taught me the importance of education and for all the teachers who have believed in me and supported me. I always thought it would be difficult to go to a university as big as C.U. in Boulder but I succeeded, thanks to the many people who supported me and the many programs in the schools and community that supported my goal. I wish that C.U. had more people of color, and that the opportunities to come to this school would be more extensive.

I thank C.U. for the support programs they offer and hope students and parents learn about these programs. Thank you very much to all the donors and members of the Latina League because this scholarship not only helps me but also many students who, like me, want to get ahead and have a profession that helps the community. I am studying to be an Elementary school teacher. I also participate in many programs inside and outside the university. Because that’s what it’s about, my community helps me and I help my community

Arturo Rios

Arturo Rios, a Boulder County Latina league Scholarship recipient is a sophomore at CU Boulder studying chemistry.  He was kind enough to share a glimpse of his life this semester.

Alma Hinojosa edited this video.

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