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Maria Silva

BVSD Liaison

I'm a proud native of  Durango, Mexico and was raised in the vibrant communities of Boulder and Longmont, Colorado. My journey has been a blend of Mexican heritage and American experience, which has shaped me into who I am today. 

My Mexican heritage is the cornerstone of my identity, and I hold it close to my heart. I believe in the importance of preserving our cultural roots and traditions, even while embracing the opportunities and diversity that life in the United States offers.

Throughout my life, I've discovered immense fulfillment in helping others. It's a value instilled in me by my family, who have always been a source of strength and support. Family, to me, is not just a word; it's fundamental to life.

As an advocate for Spanish-speaking families, I've dedicated myself to ensuring that they have access to the resources and support they need to thrive. My goal is to bridge the gap between cultures, and help families preserve their roots while embracing the future.

My journey is a testament to the beautiful fusion of two worlds, and I'm committed to being a positive force for change and unity. Together, let's celebrate people's heritage, and continue advocating for a brighter future for all Spanish-speaking families.

Maria Silva
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